What is Black Label SaaS®?

We have all seen White Label solutions in the market for agencies. Companies have built MASSIVE brands by selling white label solutions to other businesses.

What if YOU could be that brand?
What if YOU could go beyond just White Labeling?
What if YOU could also White Label for other agencies?

Now you can.
Welcome To Black Label SaaS®.

Black Label is Next Level

Who is Black Label For?

Black Label is for businesses that want more than a White Label and want to be the ones actually offering White Labels to other businesses. You have the domain expertise, acumen, or corporate experience to build massive companies. You have intimate knowledge of the white label, agency, corporate, or service provider space.  You have existing agency customers or a strategy to target customers who need White Label. You have the resources and knowhow to build companies, teams, and marketing campaigns.

You believe you have what it takes to build a ClickFunnels, GHL, or Vendasta size company IF ONLY you had the tech platform and you don't want to spend years and hundreds of thousands or millions developing and maintaining a platform.

Who is Black Label NOT For?

Black Label is NOT for those looking for a business opportunity or help starting a business. If you're unsure if this is for you then its NOT for you.

We're the only one in the world offering this
If you don't know what this is then its not for you

Black Label Founders Program®

If you're accepted in the the Black Label SaaS Founders Program® you get the same SaaS platform FlowTrack uses as a service. You are MORE than a white label in this ecosystem, you are next level. You ARE the white label platform creating white labels for agencies and other businesses. For a $5,000 one-time fee you become Black Label and get the ability to SUB-WHITE LABEL under your own business and brand for only $99/mo per sub-white label account you create. This price will NOT last and is for Founders only. You've seen SaaS platforms selling white label solutions with mobile app for $794/mo and much higher. You can do the math on the margins.

Black Label Founders get direct access to the Founder Mike Brown and a new private Mastermind group under NDA where we share insights and strategies. This group helps guide the direction we take as a platform.

Black Label SaaS® B0y
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